About Us


Introducing Yavanna: Brisbane’s Most Popular Plant-Based Restaurant at the Heart of the Vegan Revolution

A team of passionate, plant-based foodies, we created Yavanna to share our love for healthy, delicious meals – without relying on animal products. Our distinct, house made dishes, crafted from original recipes, offer something truly unique. Something everyone will love. It’s no wonder we’re Brisbane’s best plant-based hangout.


Yavanna’s Vision

We strive to become your go-to plant-based haven here in Brisbane. Yavanna is a place where vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, and everyone in between can share delectable, comforting meals with their nearest and dearest.

Yavanna’s Purpose

One of the biggest misconceptions about vegan food? That there’s zero flavour. But relishing the goodness of plants doesn’t mean sacrificing on taste. Our top-class chefs deliver drool-worthy dishes crafted with the very flavours you already know and love. Allow us to show you how to eat plant-based – the Yavanna way!